Friday, November 29, 2013

Who is Nick(Statistically Speaking)?

I am totally stealing this idea for a post from my coach, but I don't have anything really fun or interesting to write about today. 

Here is Nick by the Numbers(I am

9583: Days that I have been Alive

69: Height in inches
155: Pounds I weighed in high school
165: Pounds I weighed as a College soccer player
148: Pounds that I currently weigh
10+:  Amount of times on a daily basis where I am told to go eat a cheeseburger because I am too tiny

5:27: Hours it took me to finish my first Half Ironman
20: Ounces in the Giant Strawberry Daiquiri I had immediately after
5:12: Hours it took me to complete my second Half Ironman
4: Months that I have lived in Minnesota

296: Miles from my old home in Wheaton to my home in Minnesota

13: Months since my first triathlon
13: Months since I learned how to swim
1: Bike that I own
279: Miles that I have swam this year
4: Swim caps that I have broken during this period
1030: Miles that I have run this year
3780: Miles that I have biked this year
13: Months that I have owned a bike

28: Number of races that I have done since the start of 2012
12: Number of these races that I have done with my dad
16:35: Minutes it took me to run my fastest 5K
1:27:47: Number of minutes to run my first Half Marathon

1:18:16: Number of minutes it took me to run my most recent Half Marathon

2012: Year of my first triathlon

19: Years I played competitive soccer
7: sports played in grade school
3: sports played in high school
Numerous: Number of total teams played on
0:  Number of those teams where we had a losing record

6: Number of soccer coaching jobs that I have had
2: Number of Degrees that I have
0: Amount of time each day that I spend utilizing these degrees

2: Most pairs of running shoes that I have ever owned at one time
1: Sister, Allie
4: Number of Countries I have been to

-5:  Degrees of the coldest weather I have ever ran in
<5:  Degrees it has to be in order for me to have to run wearing more than shorts

365:  Amount of days each year I drink coffee
2:  Years since I had my first coffee
12: Most Quest Bars I have eaten in 24 hours
24:  Most ounces of mustard I have consumed in 24 hours
1: Drink that I have ever ordered at Jamba Juice
500+:  Amount of times I have ordered that 1 drink

52:  Minutes that I spent writing this post while doing other things

I am sure there are more and more important.  But that is what I have come up with thus far. 

The end.


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