Monday, February 9, 2015


Again, it has been a while.  I don’t have a good excuse, because everyone is busy.  I just haven’t had much to write about.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my goals for this year, because who doesn't want to have these great, awesome goals that are both profound and worth going after every day.  But, to be honest, whenever I think about them, they are either very vague or I end up just making ones that I find amusing.  I understand importance of goals and having them, but having specific “goals” just isn't doing it for me right now.

However, I recently read a book that was recommended by my Coach Liz called Burn Your Goals by Joshua Medcalf & Jamie Gilbert.  At least for the last month or so, I have really been able to relate to the ideas that are presented in the book.  The idea of focusing on commitments instead of simply setting goals is a central part of the book.  Many people set goals.  The problem with goals is at times they are either not the right ones for us, or they are only a temporary fix to a problem that needs more than just words behind it to make the change happen. 

One of my favorite quotes from the book is “Focus on commitments and controllables, you can’t control the results anyway. Love people. Serve people. Provide value. Burn your goals. Fall in love with the process of becoming great.”

Focusing on the process has become easier for me in recent months.  This has not always been the case.  The daily grind is hard, and it gets to a lot of people.  This time of the year, you see goals and New Year’s Resolutions start to fail all around you.  They fail for many reasons.  People begin to realize that in order to make a change, you cannot simply say something is going to change without accounting for the work and sacrifice involved. 

If you want to make a change to improve fitness and start working out, then you have to account for the time commitment that it will take.  If you work a full time job, have a long commute, etc., you may have to wake up really early in the morning to get it done or bring your workout clothes with you to work and plan on working out later at night.  If you want to start eating healthier, then you also have to account for certain things.  You will have to prepare meals ahead of time because the fast and easy option is more often than not an unhealthy one.  Also, most of your friends are probably not also trying to eat healthy.  So when you go out to eat, they will get the burger with bacon, ketchup, and mayo, and you will choose the chicken with veggies.  You need to understand that you are not alone in your desire to have those foods.  I don’t think you will find many people in this world who would choose chicken and broccoli over a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.   However, if you are serious about your commitment to change, then you will understand the necessity and importance of choosing the former. 

It is very simple to say you want change and to put a plan in place; however, it is far from easy to stay committed to accomplish what you want.  The grind is tough.

As I mentioned above, right now, I have been living in the process.  On the days where I don’t feel like getting in the pool, on the treadmill, or on the bike trainer, it has been enough to simply tell myself, “If you want to catch the people on the bike, then you need to get on the frickin trainer” or “If you don’t want to keep getting beat out of the water, then you should probably go swim.” 

But again, there are days and times where I still need a kick in the butt to get going.  There is a great quote by Zig Ziglar, “People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”

So below, I compiled a list of quotes, videos, books, and articles that have helped to steer me back when I start to waver in my commitments.


“You don’t have to love the work, but you’re addicted to the results.”  - Tim Grover.
  • Again, the process is hard and the daily grind/work/commitment gets to everyone.  Only you can decide if what you want to achieve is worth it.

“Many things aren’t equal but everyone gets the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make time for what we truly want.”
  • Many people don’t like or want to hear it, but if you want something, you can either choose to commit to it or not.  You can choose to let barriers stop you or you can keep going over, around, and through them to get what you want.

“The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.”   - Mia Hamm.
  • Our dreams and goals can be lonely at times.  No one can force you to do anything.  There are going to be many moments when you are only doing this by yourself, for yourself, with no one there who is going to tell you to keep going and no one there who cares if you stop.  What you do in these moments defines you.

“Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional”

“You can't get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”   -Jerry West
  • I can’t imagine that there is someone out there who wakes up every morning feeling awesome without the burdens of aches, pains, exhaustion, etc.  However, the work that is done on those days is essential to achieve what you want.

  • One of the best and most honest speeches that I have heard in a long time. 
  • If you think you have a reason to be scared to try something, watch this.
  • My stuff never seems as hard to deal with after watching this one.
  • Video by the TCU baseball team.  The imagery of athletes who have to do the work when no one is watching and gain confidence from that work is something I think everyone who is trying to achieve something can relate to.
  • Video on “the grind” of doing the work every day.  Been around and posted a lot, but I still enjoy it.


Relentless- Tim Grover
  • My favorite book in a long time.  This is not for everyone.  This book does not offer advice or ways to fix a problem if you are having one.  It challenges you to re-evaluate your goals and your approach to achieving what you want. 

The Champion’s Mind- Jim Afremow
  • Good read for those who want to develop and improve their mental skills in any capacity.   His writing style is simple and clear to understand.  Talks about how your mind can take you further than you can comprehend.

A Season on the Mat: Dan Gable and the Pursuit of Perfection - Nolan Zavoral
  • I have met Dan many times and seen the way he conducts himself day in and out.  However, never having asked him about his life and motivations, this book really gives great insight into what it takes to become a champion. 

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success- Carol Dweck
  • Talks about differences in fixed and growth mindsets.  She also has a great Ted Talk that summarizes it if you don’t want to spend the time reading it.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business -Charles Duhigg
  • Helps to understand the concepts behind and the importance of understanding habits and how this understand can help you to succeed.

  • Simple message: stop waiting for the perfect time to try something.

  • Good read about psychology in sports and athletes.
  • Well written article on things we need to remember about our lives.
  • Similar to the above.
  • A great perspective on having perspective.
  •  Things to let go of to achieve happiness.

  • Many of the things that can make us successful are easy to see and understand but hard to do.  This article points them out.

Again, many of these have been shared and re-shared millions of times.  But again, motivation needs to be practiced daily.  Hopefully, there is something out there for everyone that works for them.  These are what work for me. 

I’ll end this with an image that I found the other day.